Rose of charity is situated in Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. For the past years, the community has survived through the tourism industry which has been the main pillar of income for most breadwinners.

However, with the advent of COVID -19 tears have been shed by the stranded and vulnerable community members who do not afford even a single meal a day. 96% of community dwellers find themselves in desperate situations as some go for days without a proper meal, with more tears of sorrow than joy being cried in each and every house. Rose of charity, in their small way, saw it fit to share food hampers with affected households, with the theme in a project we call “SHARE A MEAL”.

Since the inception of the “SHARE A MEAL” program, Rose of Charity has managed to share a meal with over 60 families. This was all made possible by Robert Schiffner. Thank you very much. For us to continue reaching out to more souls, please kindly assist in what you can.