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For the past 8 years, Rose of charity has been working with girls in Monde and Sizinda in the Hwange district. As an organization, we realized that the girls living in remote areas face more challenges as compared to girls in the city such as menstrual hygiene health, early child marriages, school drop-outs to mention a few. During our sessions, we cover the following topics, Journey of life, What's great about you, Puberty, and Menstrual Hygiene.

Here's a story from one of the female mentors of the girls club, Hope Ncube.

As she narrated the following story to the girls “the dusk of that evening, the tears that were rolling, the darkest night of decade still clear in my eyes and can never fade. Today, I call myself a champion because I was brought up in the darkness; I used to stay in sugarcane farms where the life of hand to mouth continued.

Beads of sweat erupted on my face sweating profusely, a chill raced down my spine not knowing when will this life end. One day one of my friends came to me and invited me to the club called “New Dawn” and I accepted the invitation as o joined the club here am I with my story planting a new seed into young girls lives in my community.

I come from the same village and I know what it means to live in the countryside without sanitary pads, walking 20km to and from school on an empty belly. I learned how to be strong, worthy, and confident.

As soon as she finished narrating her story, tears of joy and happiness ran down each girl’s cheek and they all hugged Auntie Hope with confidence that they will travel this journey together.

We welcome Auntie Hope to our Believe in Girls club which from today onwards will be named “New Dawn”.