For many years we had been longing for a borehole that would entail us being self-sustainable through commercial agriculture and improvement of the diet of the children. Thanks to Gayle Tylor our vision has now come true after the successful drilling of our borehole with a capacity to nourish over 5 hectares of land.  

Thanks to the availability of water our garden can now serve not only as a source of sustenance for the children under our care but will also serve as a skills impartation center for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the community at large. The garden will also help ensure nutritional support especially to those living with HIV/AIDS in the community.  


This project is mainly for sustainability purposes, ensuring nourishment of the kids under our care and also for skills training. 


This project is mainly for sustainability and sawing skills impactation to the girls to help them to be self-sustaining in the near future.