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Compliments of the New Season!

Greetings to all our wonderful supporters! We are grateful for the support you all showed us in 2021 and the previous years and hope that 2022 brings with it glad tidings and good health to you all!

With the challenges presented by the on-going Covid 19 pandemic we are humbled that we managed to greatly improve our facilities to meet the national residential care standards under section 31 subsection 1-8 of the Children's act Chapter 5:06. In our quest to provide support and protection for our children, physical and emotional security are amongst our top priorities as our mission states: "to provide urgent and ongoing support for orphans and vulnerable children through our multi-services.

Sima Moyo Rose of Charity (Founder)

BSc ( Hons) Degree in Development Studies

0712515826/ 0774785464

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